It is generally recognized that people in Europe are very innovative (In the Global Innovation Index 2011, the following is concluded: The top 10 countries in the GII 2010 edition are dominated by Europe, with six countries.), but the valorization of such innovations is still a problem.

The labor market is changing and must change due to the high unemployment. Many new jobs will be created through entrepreneurship, while many knowledge workers need to be more entrepreneurial minded to keep their jobs. Moreover it can be concluded that many young entrepreneurial citizens/students in developing countries leave the country, creating a brain drain that affects employability negatively for the country as a whole. In a changing world innovation and initiative (entrapreneurial skills) need to be trained and promoted among (future) employees (students), not only for their own advancement within the company/society (as entrepreneur), but also for the development of their employer (as intrapreneur).

Creative problem solving is inherent in most men (in effect 98% of children age 5 can solve problems in a creative/new way) but deteriorates during ones lifetime (at age 35 only 2% of people can come up with a creative solution). In order to create new innovative products and services this creativity has to be brought back to individuals.


Cross border entrepreneurship is more and more part of starting new enterprises (for instance 64% of Irish entrepreneurs are export oriented when started, in the whole of the EU this 54%) and does change entrepreneurship training and education, it has to combine cultures, mentalities and best practices from various countries.

De Vier Essen believes that its experience and knowledge can help improve innovation, valorization, employment and internationalization: * helping Universities with curricula to make students more innovative, valorize ideas from students and internationalize them * helping governments and national and transnational agencies in setting up valorization instruments like finance funds * develop methods and techniques to help people become more innovative and (better) entrepreneurs * etc