XLX is a game-based simulation of the start-up of a company.

A one to two day training program that offers a solid preparation to everybody who wants to start his own business.

Guided and assessed by experts, participants learn how to develop an idea into a realistic business model, taking into account aspects as time and money.

A training method in the shape of a challenging game: may the best plan win!

Added to the XLX-method is a creativity and innovation module called CEEM (Creative Entrepreneurship Education Methodology), where start-ups are helped:

  • to come up with business ideas
  • to convert those business ideas in innovative products or services

XLX original



XLX with extra creativity

Entrepreneurship and Creativity support

Support creativity and entrepreneurship

What participants say:

‘A wonderful way to learn different competencies!’

‘Learnt more in a day than usually in a month…’

‘Learned a lot, surprised at myself’

‘The urge to win really gets you going!’

‘Really worthwhile, educational & fun’

“In Holland, they mainly train you to be a WORKER instead of an ENTREPRENEUR. Fortunately, there is an increasing number of training centres which use XLX to give their students the chance of discovering whether they have any entrepreneurial talent.”


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