Fit BV carries out projects to improve the employability of staff.

About Fit BV

Fit BV was started by four founding fathers/organizations who all felt that in order to improve employment and job satisfaction, employees/ entrepreneurs deserved a better “fit”.

Nowadays Fit BV is a multidisciplinary organization that works for companies, non-profit organizations and the government in regard to equip staff.

Fit BV works with a variable team of experts, depending on the assignment;

FIT BV is financially sound and can independently carry out large international projects.


FIT BV aims to let people have a good “fit” in their work environment;

FIT BV has started to realize this “fit” for job seekers, reintegration of unemployed people, people seeking a new job. Originally this was realized by using the facilities of the “parent organizations” that established FIT: one organization brought its expertise in the field of rehabilitation, the other brought its knowledge on reintegration and entrepreneurship, De Vier Essen was responsible for coaching and guidance and the last knew the various working environments.

From here, more and more activities were developed on the adjustment of (potential) employee / entrepreneur and the adjustment of the organization in such a way that an optimal “fit” was achieved.

FIT BV always works focussing on the (potential) employee / manager / entrepreneur supported by training, coaching, mentoring, entrepreneurship development etc.

FIT BV offers these products and services:

  • Development of entrepreneurship;
  • Coaching management;
  • Development of methods and techniques;
  • Training;
  • Interim management;
  • Re-integration;
  • Outsourcing and insourcing;
  • Supporting of organizations in change;
  • Supporting incubators/accelerators
  • Game development
  • mobility of staff
  • reïntegration of unemployed
  • coaching
  • change management

international project meeting on entrepreneurship development

Restructuring software company North Macedonia

Support incubator Vietnam

multicultural event


  • Coaching Management Team of a SME in innovative sector
  • Management of outsourcing activities government institutions
  • Support several Innovation Centra for WorldBank
  • Peer judging investment proposals development banks
  • Organising multicultural event large municipality
  • Development of Curriculum for Universities


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